Man is the only part of creation made in the image and likeness of the Father.  After He made man, the Father communicated with him and their conversations were natural. The scriptures do not give us a timeline of how many times a day they communicated or what were some of the finer details conversed about between the Father and man. To speak to the Father did not take a special gift, talent or call. Man had an open access to the Father’s voice. Conversing with man is His delight and He will continue to do so with those whose hearts are open to listening to Him. 

Whenever the word prophet, prophecy, or prophetic is seen or mentioned, people immediately think about the predictive element or perhaps they think about the prophets in the Old Testament and New Testament who had awe-inspiring signs and wonders take place. The predictive element of the prophetic is only an aspect of it.  A prophetic being is one who lives in complete obedience and reliance on the Father. Their hearts are illuminated by the power of the Holy Spirit and they are passionate about expressing the nature and character of the Father. They do not take His conversations lightly but are intentional about what He says. With hearts filled with His love, they understand that His presence is a vital component to life so that all men might be drawn to Him. 


The divine intention of the Father has always been to be our friend, yet there are many people who doubt that He speaks personally or that the Father sincerely desires to have an individual relationship with each of us.  Repeatedly, they ask, "Does the Father really speak, and can we know His voice?" The answer is... absolutely. While all of creation has been designed and brought into existence by God, the human species is the only part of creation that has received His image and likeness, and we are the only species that He breathed His life into. Communicating with the Father on a daily basis should be the highest priority in our life.


Hi, I'm Vishal Jetnarayan, founder and curator at  I was not born and raised in a Christian home. I was clueless about Christ and despised Christianity until I had a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit at the age of fourteen. This began my quest to know more about Christ and His Kingdom but especially to hear His voice. With many mistakes made over the years, some of which I still laugh about, I'm still as curious as can be about my Father, and am really intentional about His voice. I hope to be a resource as you journey in the Father, making time to listen to His voice and grow to have a close relationship with Him. If you want to understand more about yourself, you have to know the Father and His love for you.