Why People Matter To God

The Portion of Jacob is not like them, For He is the Maker of all things; And Israel is the tribe of His inheritance. The LORD of hosts is His name.
— Jeremiah 51:19-20 NKJV

While the earth is populated by multitudes of people, there are a people within a people who are set apart and given to the purposes of the Father. They have come to the knowledge of who the Father is in their lives and understand that they are given over to Him as His emissaries. This is the Father’s heart for all mankind, but because of stubbornness of heart, spiritual blindness, and deafness to His voice, most people follow the dictates of their own hearts and never take the time even to acknowledge that He is the only wise God, much less know Him. People’s stubbornness, blindness, and deafness toward the Father caused them to erect wayward beliefs that become “idols” that mislead them and countless others. These idols could be literal carved images that they worship as their gods, but “idols” also could represent thoughts that become their fundamental beliefs by which they live—beliefs that have no place for and in the Father.

As magnificent and detailed as the Father’s creation is, the only creature He is drawn to, out of the myriad creatures He made, is man. The reason for this is that man is the only part of creation that bears God’s image and likeness. If we are made in His image and His likeness, then we should resemble everything that our Father is. As Creator, the Father owns this entire universe, and although He really does not require anything because He is God, He still chooses to have His inheritance in a people who are called out and set apart unto Him. There are many in the church today who believe that present-day national Israel is the chosen nation. This is a myopic viewpoint, however, that is based on a lack of understanding that limits believers today to knowing “The Israel of God.”

Before there was Israel, there was a man called Abraham, whom the Father spoke to and called to leave his earthly father’s house and land to venture into a place that the Father would show him. So, together with his household, he made the long journey. Although Abraham was childless, the Father promised that he would have a son, and that through this son would come two sons who each would grow into a separate nation. The younger of these two sons would dominate the older, and his 12 sons combined would be called “Israel.” All of this was a picture of a later, greater Son who would come through this lineage, and His name is Jesus Christ. He set His Father’s house in order, rent the veil of separation by His death, and established His church, the true “Israel of God.” This is the Israel of the Father, which is His inheritance; a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a special people who proclaim His praises.

To understand that we are the inheritance of the Father is to live by the heritage that we have been given - His very nature and character. In the temporal world, inheritance occurs when a person dies and conveys all their assets and possessions to their surviving family members by means of a legal document called a will. Inheritance in the Father’s house is different, however. Death itself has been conquered by His Son, and life given in its place. This is everlasting life, given in endless abundance. There is never an end, in either time or quantity, to the Father’s promises.