Why Marriage Doesn't Work

‘Return, O backsliding children,’ says the LORD; ‘for I am married to you. I will take you, one from a city and two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion.’
— Jeremiah 3:14 NKJV

The church is, in many ways, a paradox. It is referred to variously as an army, a family, a body, a nation, a bride, a royal priesthood, and so forth. In addition, the church often is personified using the pronouns “she” and “her,” which relate to the feminine gender. Our world today abounds in confusion over the proper understanding of gender. Many influential leaders, including a growing number within the body of Christ, have caved in to intense social pressure to normalize the perversion of homosexuality. Blinded by all the confusion, they have convinced themselves that times have changed, so we must embrace this new reality and move on. As much as the church is a paradox, we must pray to the Father to unfold for us the “mystery” of what it means to be “married” to Him. Scripture speaks of the “marriage supper of the Lamb”; it begins with the Holy Spirit present at creation and concludes with the bride and the Spirit saying, “Come, Lord Jesus.” Much could be written on this biblical theme of marriage, but I would like to state a few important truths so that the ultimate Truth (Christ) is seen, so we don’t allow any perverse thoughts or meanings to mislead us.

We have a few things to consider: Father, man, woman, children, and marriage. We understand marriage to be the coming together of one man and one woman out of love for each other to commit themselves to each other for life under an oath of covenant. Vows are recited on both sides, concluding with the mutual pledge, “Until death do us part.” Marriage, then, is a commitment that lasts until the death of one or the other partner. Many people make this pledge with the best of intentions, but fail to follow through on the long road of commitment. Weary of adversity and struggle, they end up in divorce. Sadly, many members of the body of Christ display no discernible difference from the people in the world in the way they make decisions regarding their marriage. This too is a perversion. People within the body of Christ should always pursue a higher standard.

God, our Father, is also our Husbandman; He is married to us. This makes no sense to the natural mind because of how most people view marriage. Two people committing themselves to each other consummate their marriage by sexual union. That is a beautiful thing. Along the way, they may decide to have children, the greatest gifts they could receive. So, the question remains: How in the world can God be our Father and also our husbandman who is married to us?

We always refer to God with the masculine pronouns “He/Him/His. However, the Father is Spirit. He is neither male nor female. We add descriptions about who Spirit is, but truly there are no words in the vocabulary to describe Him. He is way beyond our words. There is no perversion or evil at heart when God says that He is married to us. This is not about having sexual gratification; we are not speaking of marriage from an earthy, natural disposition. Remember, we have been created in the image and likeness of God. His identity is Spirit. Therefore, we also are spirit, soul, and body. The Father being married to us showcases that He, as our everlasting Father, is committed to having an everlasting relationship with us. He never leaves nor forsakes us. The greatest part about His nature and character is that He is love. His relationship with us means that he will never walk away from His covenant with us.

Based on carnal standards, many people make rash decisions to move away from the Father and commit their lives to disobedience, sin, and the works of the flesh. They forget about the greatest relationship that they can possess; being a child of the Father. To clarify this further, my wife and I, by the grace of the Father, have birthed four children and have received the heavenly command to raise them well. Along the way, they will pass through different phases in their lives. They may rebel or become very stubborn. They may question the existence of the Father. They may get into trouble because of the influence of the wrong people and become blinded to the things of the Father. Regardless, the reality is that they are my children, and I am committed to them. It’s a relationship of purity. My wife and I are committed to them forever (marriage). The day will come when they will marry the one that they love, but that will never change our relationship. It will keep fermenting to become better and better. Now, lets ponder how much the Father loves us!