The Father's Strong Hand

Behold, the Lord God shall come with a strong hand, And His arm shall rule for Him; Behold, His reward is with Him, And His work before Him. 11He will feed His flock like a shepherd; He will gather the lambs with His arm, And carry them in His bosom, And gently lead those who are with young.
— Isaiah 40:10-12 NKJV

Everything we do as the sons of God should be by His leading and in joint partnership with Him. There is indeed a bigger picture in motion right before our eyes: the entire globe is witnessing the manifestation of Christ but may not understand. Because of sin, deception, greed, covetousness, perversion, the works of the flesh, and erroneous teaching, the eyes of men have become blinded and the straight places have become crooked. Though outwardly man may look really good, inwardly he is perishing because the prevailing beliefs, standards, and conditions of the world lead only to death.

God’s eyes are not blind to these discrepancies; neither is He taken aback by the twisted heart of man that is fractured toward the Truth. When the Father comes, He comes in power, but not to antagonize mankind or make him cower by declaring, “I am God and can do whatever I please! (Although He is and can, that’s not the heart of the Father.) Father God is a Spirit, and as such, has feelings just as we do. Have we not read how the joy of the Lord is our strength? Or that He laughs? Or that He becomes angry? The Israelites’ repeated unfaithfulness to God by worshipping idols stirred up His anger. The four Gospels reveal that Jesus Christ, moved by compassion, healed the sick and raised the dead. So when mankind is out of mind, out of joint, and misaligned from the Father…the heart of the Father grieves. 

God comes in different ways. He comes as: 

  • Rain
  • Fire 
  • Cloud
  • Hammer
  • Wind

The reward He brings with Him is not based on the works of men. Neither is it based on human competitiveness and the drive to win. This reward, I believe, is the Father’s very nature. There is no greater gift, no higher blessing, than for us to walk in the fullness of our Father’s nature. The Father works continuously to help us understand who we are in Him. Christ is the full expression of the Father, and we are the expression of Christ. His leadership is quiet and gentle, yet strong, and confrontational with the power to bring breakthrough. As Christ leads us, we see His visible attributes. He is: 

  • One who does not rob, steal, or kill 
  • One who does not deceive 
  • One who understands the Father’s heart and knows where each of us are in our       lives
  • One who has not an ounce of greed in Him

He carries the lambs close to His heart. He loves the innocent of heart and brings them close to Himself so they don’t become swayed by any other voice than His. Even His gentleness carries immense power. Nothing and no one can harm whomever He hides in His hand. He protects His people spirit, soul, and body. When His strong hand is over us, nothing that comes against us can stand.