The Burden Of The Lord

The burden (of the Lord) against Tyre.
— Isaiah 23:1 NKJV

To have a burden is to carry the weight of another. As God the Father speaks to Isaiah across several chapters preceding and following this one, He reveals the issues, flaws, and sins of a succession of nations. Each of these nations, having received from God a specific mandate, a purpose to fulfill, and a mission to accomplish, have instead along the way digressed from the Father’s heart and fallen under the dominant influence of the imaginations of their own heart.

The Father, in His love, mercy, and kindness, plainly exposes their unfaithful ways and errant lifestyle. Even though His words may seem harsh to our reading, they reveal something quite significant, even earth-shaking: the Father is watching! He carries the weight of that which He created. Although He is pained by the faithlessness of these nations, He is not giving up. In His corrective words there is hope: hope that the heart of man will come to the place of repentance; hope that man will arrive at the naked realization that he can do nothing apart from God, our Father. Whenever we stray away from the Father, we start to build our own independent kingdoms—anything that is within our own imagination. It is this very prideful, rebellious independence that becomes an abomination to the Lord.

As the Father begins to speak, His words produce a shaking in the earth. The closest all of creation comes to seeing God is man himself. We, humanity, are the ones created in God’s image and likeness. If we are out of order, our relationship with the Father is dysfunctional. Our human soul overrides the voice of the Holy Spirit, while the rest of creation responds to the voice of the Father. This disconnect in the natural order inflicts catastrophic impact upon environments. The Father sends His messengers with the hope of finding some people who will obey; people who will share in carrying His burden! He will continue to speak until somebody listens and cries out for us to correct our way of life. The Father does not give up on us. Just knowing that He bears a burden for mankind should in itself be enough to work a wholesome transformation in our hearts.

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