The Father's Hand Is Not Shortened

Behold, the LORD’S hand is not shortened, That it cannot save; Nor His ear heavy, That it cannot hear
— Isaiah 59:1 NKJV

The Father is Spirit, and so has no physical structure such as hands, legs, and feet. However, the Bible often uses these and similar words as anthropomorphisms—assigning human attributes to God—for the sake of our understanding. One of the most insidious and widespread false teaching s about the Father is that He is far away, out in the heavens somewhere, out of our reach. But this is not so. The only thing that separates us from the Father is our disobedience. Our pride overtakes us and drives us to try to function apart from Him.  But all those who know the Father, who walk with Him and try never to do anything apart from Him, know for a fact that the hand of the Father is not “shortened.” His reach is not curtailed; His ability to protect us and act on our behalf is not limited in any way. We can choose either to relate to the Father in a limited manner according to the way we see ourselves and the way we were taught, or relate to Him according to what He says about Himself and us, and try to ramp up our understanding to fit that larger conceptual frame. The Father is so much bigger, so much greater, so much more than we can comprehend. His hands are never, ever shortened.

When the Father places His hand on our lives, His order and standard come with it. There is no need for us to try and fight battles in our own strength. We don’t have to succumb to the standards and viewpoints of limited, natural man, those who say, “Where is your God?” The Father’s hand represents correction, instruction, provision, healing, guidance, blessings, miracles, protection, and so much more. His hand is never short of reach. Holding His hand is one of the most secure things that we can ever do, and with our hand in His, we can face anything and everything.

The Father never turns His ear away from us. He is not deaf to our call or cry. Our greatest test is how we respond when we speak to Him and don’t get a response. Do we complain, get offended, and give up on God? Or do we continue to trust Him based on His Word and His faithfulness to us in the past? Don’t think for a moment that the Father does not listen to us. His ears are wide open to our voices. If we continue to trust, we will grow to the point of recognizing that even His silence is His voice. Our Father knows His sheep and He will never abdicate His throne or abandon the ones He loves.