The Father Listens To Our Prayers

It shall come to pass That before they call, I will answer; And while they are still speaking, I will hear
— Isaiah 65:24 NKJV

I am convinced that out of all the religions in the world, and all their sacred writings, none but the Bible reveals how deeply God our Father loves and desires to have a personal relationship with us. It’s not good deeds and acts of charity that lead us to Him, but the bending of our hearts in recognition of how much we need Him. Despite what we may sometimes think, the Father never deceives us or plays games with us just because He is the powerful One. He never exercises His power and authority out of vindictiveness or spite. To believe or suspect otherwise is to think from the perspective of the natural man. Our often flawed and distorted perceptions of reality affect the way we see and think about the Father and who He is.

There is in our world today a rising generation of sons who have transitioned from a soulish way of thinking and have donned the “robes” of the Father, signifying that they follow the Father without flinching. They covet the Father’s nature and character and are not shaken by any trial, circumstance, or affliction. They have no time to be offended with the Father. Rather, they draw near to Him in their quest for maturity and to come into His fullness. Of course, this does not make them equal to God, but it does make them sons of the Most High God. Part of the Father’s glory is in them. Everything about their lives has become new. They are filled with His Spirit and possessed with His purposes. They are not enemy-driven, as their names are written in the heavens. To have their names in the heavens far surpasses any earthly legacy. And because they are of a different Spirit, every creature on earth will recognize the Father in and through them!

As sons, they enjoy incredible favor with the Father. Consequently, they don’t lust after the pleasures of earth. Self-gratification has no part of their being. Their thoughts are so in synch with the Father that they move in Him and Him alone. With them there are no begging prayers or meaningless repetition; before they can even speak, the Father answers them. Our thoughts translate into spoken words. The Scriptures declare, “For as [a man] thinks in his heart, so is he.” If our words come from our thoughts, our Father responds before our thoughts become known. Why? Because we reach a place in Him where there is no guile in us. Instead, there is purity of thought, and it is the Father’s joy and pleasure to actively engage with us.

Human need cries out all around us. Sometimes we can become so focused on our own needs that we become blind and deaf to the needs of others and just want to be taken care of ourselves. That’s when we need to remember why we are blessed. Yes, the Father blesses us to sustain us internally and externally, but even more so that we might be conduits of His blessings to others. Because our Father responds to our needs before we can ask, we never need to allow worry, anxiety, or fear of any kind to set the course of our lives. We have the greatest possible assurance from our faithful Father who answers our prayers before we can ask. This is the dimension of the Father’s tremendous favor. May we walk in confidence on our journey knowing beyond any of doubt that He is with us!