The Failing Ways Of The World

Babylon was a golden cup in the LORD’S hand, That made all the earth drunk. The nations drank her wine; Therefore the nations are deranged. Babylon has suddenly fallen and been destroyed. Wail for her! Take balm for her pain; Perhaps she may be healed.
— Jeremiah 51:7-9 NKJV

The Father’s promise to Abraham will never be forgotten. Out of him would come a son, out of whom would come twelve tribes that would form one nation - Israel. From the onset, it was the Father’s desire to be their King and that they would represent Him on the earth as a nation of kings and priests. Unlike all of their neighboring nations, who were wayward and steeped into idolatrous worship, Israel enjoyed the very presence of God in the midst of them. This was the greatest force in the entire universe. However, time and time again, this nation, this people whom the Father cherished, fell into the entrapment of sinful, idolatrous worship, by which they fell in love with the ways of the world rather than the Father. The Father, in his unending mercy, continually sent many messages to them through His servants the prophets, but rather than embracing them, the people rejected them. The thicket of deception blinded the eyes of their hearts to keep on producing evil. So, the Father gave them exactly what they wanted, which was “Babylon,” a literal place whose name means “confusion.” Babylon represented the fullness of the world and its ways. It’s key component, like its name, was confusion, and all those who were enamored by it partook of its cup. The impact of this drink made people lose their senses and become mad. Indulging in the ways of the world and partaking of its drink and delicacies caused people to become delusional.

When mankind disconnects himself from the Father, he starts to build from the framework of what he believes to be true. He constructs everything around him according to a set of beliefs and standards that influence many. These beliefs and standards become life principles that people follow. Anything built outside of the Father is temporal and ultimately meaningless. While people easily become infatuated by things they create in the world, all of it is temporal and will fade away because it has no solid foundation. The strength of any person or nation is found in their ability to know the Father and follow His ways. There are internal values that only the Father can give, such as joy, peace, rest, gladness of heart, gentleness, and so forth. Because these things cannot be bought with earthy currency, people strive very hard to gain them through external performance that represents what they want. Such efforts always fail, however, because the Father is not in it. The solution to this dilemma starts with having our hearts softened and our coming to the realization of how much we need the Father in our lives.

The cup of confusion has no value; all it can do is cause people to lose their minds. At first taste, its effects may seem pleasing, but it serves only to appease the works of the flesh. But there will come a time when emptiness begins to grow on the inside. There is a longing inside each one of us for something more than what the world offers. That empty void brings with it contention, anger, frustration, and agitation, making us vulnerable to falling into the trap of blame-shifting and accusing anyone and everyone else except ourselves. Remember, while this cup might appear appealing and valuable in every way, the drink it contains is absolutely harmful! When one starts to lose one’s mind, one starts to believe in anything and everything. The end result of madness is the death of lives left unfulfilled because people abandoned the Father for the pleasures of the world.

The only medication for confusion is repentance. Repentance brings spiritual healing of the mind as well as physical healing. We all face a junction in the road where we must choose which cup we will partake of: either the cup of confusion that leads to derangement, or the cup of the Father that leads to life in Him. Apart from the Father, there can be no peace or stability. It’s only in Him that man can truly have his being.