Prophets Prophesying Falsely

An astonishing and horrible thing Has been committed in the land: The prophets prophesy falsely, And the priests rule by their own power; And My people love to have it so. But what will you do in the end?
— Jeremiah 5:30-31 NKJV

A common thread weaves through these writings: the revelation that the voice of the Father is the most treasured, prized possession in the entire universe. Those who know His voice have  the solutions to problems that exist. The Father’s voice cannot be bought with money; no human-conceived plan can gain access to it for anyone. Relationship with Him is the basis for hearing the voice of the Father, realizing that from the very beginning, the Father created us in His image and likeness. Within this, He also breathed into us the breath of life. His breath represents His voice in us, and it also empowers us to know Him. Our problem is that we as a people have veered away from the Father and gone off on a rabbit trail of “self,” having been deceived into believing that the Father is far away, and that we must do certain things to get Him to speak to us.

Man, having departed from the Father, sought to close the distance by fashioning physical images—idols—that would symbolize God and represent His active presence. The people worshiped these false and foreign gods and offered up sacrifices to them, but in return heard not even the tiniest hint of a voice. Thinking that more extreme forms of worship might do the trick, they move from sacrificing animals to sacrificing human victims, opened by this means to receive the satisfaction and gratification of hearing a divine voice. But still…nothing! This has been the way of the world ever since Adam and Eve left from the presence of the Father in the garden of Eden, and many today are still caught up in it. Some people have even gone to the extreme of worshiping the devil in this manner. “Why?” we might ask. It seems that mankind, even in the midst of his rebellion, is desperate to know the Father’s voice.

We find throughout the Scriptures that after Adam the Father began raising up a group of people who would represent His voice and speak to others in His name: the prophets and prophetesses. These would pass on to the people exactly what they heard the voice of the Father saying to them. The first prophet so designated in the Bible was Moses. Following him would come a long succession of prophets, some whose names are familiar, and others whose names are never given. People became accustomed to hearing God speak through His prophets and prophetesses. They performed signs, and every word of the Lord that they spoke came to pass.

Along the way, however, as the nation of Israel began to follow the ways of the world, so, too, did many of the prophets who were among them. These were ones who fell in love with the principles and ways of the world, and embraced covetousness. Their deception was that they recognized themselves as prophets of God, and the people believed what they said. These so-called prophets also started to embrace the ways and heed the cries of the people. They started to say things that were in their favor; things that the people wanted to hear. To start with existing knowledge and then say something about it in order to appease people even when it’s wrong and out of order is…false prophecy. For one example, as the children of Israel sinned, the Father would call for them to make their crooked paths straight or face calamity, but their prophets would say, “Peace; all is peace.” They no longer represented the Father, but only themselves, functioning from a soul-led life and vain imaginations.

This is still true today. There are many believers in the body of Christ who call themselves prophets, while the Scriptures clearly state that there are only “some.” Many believers do not understand the distinction between the gift of prophecy and the ministry function of the prophet. Countless people in our churches have become so enamored by calamities and by so-called endtime events that they no longer focus on hearing and knowing the heart of the Father. Social media has become a massive platform that many believers use too freely and unwisely to voice the things of the Father, all in the name of evangelism and as a means to get the “word” out. Too often this has turned into an attractant to bring recognition and glory to people rather than to the Father. They have forgotten that the word of the Father is precious and rare! So many of these so called “prophets” misrepresent the Father and say things that please people so they can get people credit. They do all of this in the name of God. Far from being true prophets of the Lord, they are self-deceived false prophets who speak things given to them by another “spirit” that is not the Father. Their words have no meaning; consequently, those who believe them pay a dear price for being misled.

The Father’s eyes go to and fro throughout the earth. He watches closely and deals with misrepresentation and inaccuracy. Those who try to function in a ministry not given to them will be exposed. Yet, in the midst of this false order, there is an authentic, genuine people who represent the Father well. They are not driven by human will desires, but by the Father!