Prayer Works

But if they are prophets, and if the word of the LORD is with them, let them now make intercession to the LORD of hosts, that the vessels which are left in the house of the LORD, in the house of the king of Judah, and at Jerusalem, do not go to Babylon.
— Jeremiah 27:18-19 NKJV

Prayer is a vital part of our relationship with the Father. Many people’s prayers to the Father are focused on requests for personal needs, and there is nothing wrong with this. Many others pray just for the sake of praying, knowing that there is a greater power called “God,” and they need to address Him from a place of respect and fear of Him. Still others pray “testing” prayers: “God, if you exist…then You will do this.” The list of types of prayer could go on, and countless volumes of books have been written on the subject of prayer. By the Father’s design, we humans are the only creatures endowed with the ability to hear Him confidently and speak to Him continually. Prayer is more than just presenting our needs, our “what-ifs,” and our words of respect and reverence. Much more. Prayer is a lifestyle of daily interaction with the Father that stems from a place of deep gratitude, generosity, and humility. Everything about our being radiates this!

Whenever the Father says something to us, we become responsible for what we hear Him say. This being said, however, not everything He says to us has to be proclaimed from the mountaintop for everybody else to hear. The more we mature in the Father, the often He speaks things to us that we are to keep and ponder in our heart. Only when He tells us to release what He says do we follow through. His voice is our compass; it gives us complete navigation about all things. The Father’s heart is for all men to be drawn to Him. There is not a single human being on earth whom the Father does not love and care about. Millions still do not know Him, however, and multitudes of others who once knew Him have walked away from relating to Him. The Father allows these mile markers along the way to remind us that He is our Father and that life outside of Him is inconsequential.

Human wickedness, perversion, and sin have made life unbalanced and the Father will have no part in it. Nothing saddens His heart more than to see those who reflect His very image and likeness living in a much lower sphere of life than He intended. So He speaks to the righteous concerning how He will deal with the disorderly ways of the human life, heart, and mind. Whenever the Father speaks of His dealings, He watches for the reaction in the hearts of those who are listening. For example, when He told Moses that He was going to kill the entire nation of Israel because of their idolatry, Moses entered the place of intercession and reminded the Father of who the people were to Him and pleaded their case to Him. These were people who had angered God by worshiping a golden calf. The Father responded to Moses’ plea for them with a “change of heart.” It wasn’t that the Father changed His heart as much as that Moses had embraced the Father’s heart. From a human perspective Moses could have agreed and said, “Yes, Father, smite these people; kill them all!” But Moses had taken on the love and care that were within the Father’s heart, and on that day, a nation was saved.

There’s a level of communication with the Father that is beyond just prayer, called “intercession.” Intercession is not a special gift only to certain people. In fact, Christ is our intercessor and He makes intercession on our behalf on a daily basis. Why does He intercede for us if He has finished His work and we are complete in Him? He intercedes for us to grow into what He has already completed on our behalf. As I said above, when we hear the Father speak, we become responsible for what we hear Him say. This moves us into a place of prayers of persistence before the Father. We go on behalf of other people, carrying in us the Father’s love and care, to change a course of action for the Father’s greater purpose. Rather than seeing only the negative of what is occurring or can occur, our intercession before the Father brings an incredible hope and breakthrough beyond human understanding. We don’t declare words from a judgmental point of view, but rather words of destiny, purpose, and redemption in the knowledge that our Father’s power is the greatest force of all for the manifestation of His goodness.