No Need To Hide From God

Am I a God near at hand,” says the LORD, “And not a God afar off? Can anyone hide himself in secret places, So I shall not see him?” says the LORD; “Do I not fill heaven and earth?” says the LORD.
— Jeremiah 23:23-25 NKJV

God our Father values relationship and He in no way intended for any person to hide from Him. On a daily basis, the Father communicated with Adam, and this was a normal way of life for man in the garden. The Father’s voice was his strength, direction, sustenance, protection, and everything else he needed. There was no such thing as mere subsistence survival in the garden. Within the confines of the garden, man living in direct communion with the Spirit enjoyed a life of abundance. It was only after he sinned by listening to a voice other than the Father’s that he hid himself from the Father. Ever since, man has hidden himself from the Father whenever he chooses to live in a sinful manner.

The enemy’s voice, in contrast, spreads divisiveness, fear, failure, hatred, jealousy, and condemnation. If deception always appeared as something ugly, it would be easily recognized and rejected. To the outward appearance, however, deception is not ugly but beautiful. It tells you everything you want to know to please your emotions, yet perverts the truth, thus tricking you into believing that you are right on track. For example, in the garden, the serpent told Eve that if she partook of the fruit that her eyes would be opened and she would be like God. Interestingly, what he said sounded absolutely sincere and true. Who would not want to partake of something that could give one such power? But the truth of the matter is that Eve was already made in the image and likeness of the Father. She came out of her husband, who was formed by the Father’s hands. The fruit of deception, when embraced and believed, leads people away from the Father and causes them to believe that they are failures because they have highly disappointed Him. Fear the foe sets in then and makes people feel condemned so that they look for places of escape where they think (and hope) the Father will never find them. What people don’t realize is that the further away they deviate from the Father, the weaker they become. Apart from the Father, human strength and tenacity can last only so long before people realize that something is missing in their lives, and that something is the Father.

Many other voices besides that of the enemy abide in the world. We must learn to discern those voices because most of them say things that are totally contrary to the Father’s heart. While what they offer might sound good, or even right and truthful, is it really? If men and women speak in the name of the Lord but are disconnected and dysfunctional in their relationships, whatever they say is like quicksand, which has no foundation and thus will lead people into the inescapable mire of sin…which leads to hiding. But hiding is futile. There is nowhere in the entire universe where mankind can hide from the Father. He made this entire planet and knows the full depth, width, and height of it. After Adam and Eve hid from the Father, He came looking for them. He will never stop looking for the ones He loves dearly: us. He is jealous over us and longs to bring us back to the place where communion between He and us is the normal way of life.

The Father’s correction stems from His unconditional love. As we read the scriptures, we find many instances where His children stirred up His anger and paid a dear price. If we are not careful, we can read through these passages and conclude that He is an angry God who wants to destroy everything He made, including man. The critical issue is that sin’s power over man has been destroyed. Sin did not make man because it has no image and likeness. It arose because man embraced the words of an insidious contrary voice. The Father longs for a generation to arise who represent Him well; people who walk boldly and joyously in His image and likeness. That is why He sent His son, Jesus Christ, who was tempted with every temptation under the sun, yet overcame them, and went on to die on the cross for the restoration of man. His death and resurrection empowered mankind to know that they too can live in the Father. He is a faithful Son who was undeniably connected to His Father. He communed with the Spirit daily! He set the precedent for all of mankind to rise to the very same standard. He destroyed sin and its works. Most of all, He destroyed that other voice, the voice of divisiveness, fear, failure, hatred, jealousy, and condemnation. In Christ, mankind need never again hide from the Father. There is no hiding from Him.