Knowing The Father's Voice

It is His voice that echoes in the thunder of the storm clouds. He causes mist to rise upon the earth; He sends the lightning and brings the rain, and from His treasuries He brings the wind.
— Jeremiah 10:13 TLB

The voice of the Father is the most precious thing we could ever hear, know, understand, and follow. Those who know the Father’s voice understand the language of the Spirit, which exceeds every earthly vocabulary and every human voice. With wholehearted devotion to revealing the Father, they do so without pride or arrogance, but with love, generosity, kindness, righteousness, and justice. The Father has always been speaking. When He created the heavens and the earth, He spoke them into existence. These things did not just appear out of nowhere, but from deep within the heart of the Father, where He had a full-motion picture of what would issue forth from Him.

As super amazing as creation is, and no matter how awestruck we are by all its wonders and mysteries, the truth is that nothing in all of creation represents the Father’s image and likeness except man. It was within man that the Father placed a frequency called “voice.” He also gave man the fulness of Himself. Man is the only creature in all of creation that has the ability to commune with the Father. This fact alone denotes that an authentic, genuine relationship of love and dialogue with the Father should be a continuous aspect of our lives. His voice is like a river that never runs dry. Without it, in fact, there is no life. Without the Father’s voice, we would be alive on the outside but dead on the inside.

Many regard the biblical creation account as just a story, and stop right there. Others may read how the Father created all the beasts on the earth and the creatures in the sea, and even believe it. What so many tend to miss, however, is the awesome reality that the Father created all of this simply by the power and authority of His voice. The Father’s voice is unlimited and never stops; it continues to echo. The unique energy, vibration, sounds waves, and rhythms of His voice permeate creation in a never-ending flow. The environment created by the Father submits and responds to Him perfectly and without hesitation.

In the beginning, Adam enjoyed this kind of relationship with the Father, who made him a partaker of His very nature. Ingenuity, inventiveness, innovation, creativity; all of these things, which resided within the voice of the Father, He gave in its entirety to man. After Adam sinned, however, he became confused about his place in the Father. His sin had a catastrophic effect on the world that continues to reverberate today in that we, his descendants, lost our ability to recognize or know the voice of the Father.

Every orchestration that comes from the Father, every utterance of His voice, is for the purpose of reminding us of our position in Him; to bring us back to the understanding of our intimate relationship with the Father as His beloved sons. Christ, the ultimate Son, understood His Father’s voice; that is why He would do nothing apart from that voice. Everything about His senses was connected to the Father. The voice of the Father was His food and drink. Christ brought us back to the standard of knowing the Father in an intimate way. In complete obedience and submission, He followed the Father. How much more, then, should we be able to follow His example by living in the very same manner and according to the very same standard?