Knowing The Father

But now, O LORD, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand. Do not be furious, O LORD, Nor remember iniquity forever; Indeed, please look — we all are Your people!
— Isaiah 64:8-10 NKJV

Many people know Him as God, the Great One, the Mighty One, the Sovereign One, the Supreme One, the Maker of heaven and earth. All of these are true and good, but as we grow deeper in God, we must shift to a place of greater intimacy and come to know and acknowledge Him as our Father. He is our Principal, Chief, and Patriarch. He is the One who made us in His image and likeness.

Indeed, we are the work of His hands. Based on our biological parents and on how we are raised, we all become conditioned in different ways in how we relate to the Father. Some people who never had a father, or who had an abusive father, have difficulty relating to God as their Father. One of the enemy’s most damaging deceptions is to mislead and lure us away from the Father so that we try to become self-sufficient, self-gratified, and self-driven; living a life outside of the Father, in other words. When we come to know the Father, we literally are “born again.” Old things must be weaned out of our lives, including what we think we know about how to relate to the Father, and how we see Him. This is tough for many of us, but we cannot view our Father through the lens of old thinking about fathering because it can obstruct the very newness that He wants to imbue us with. Let me put it this way. Our biological parents should be more like a “compass” guiding us in the direction of our sovereign Father. However, based on many varying viewpoints, some of us may only get glimpses, and to truly know the Father, we must have a complete transformation of our mindset.

I vividly remember playing with clay as a young boy. My friends and I would head to the stream banks near where we lived and try to garner clay. I never deemed myself to be a good artist, but I always tried to concoct something artistic from the clay. There are many sculptors today who sculpt some of the most incredible figures from clay. Our Father, however, is the master craftsman, the ultimate sculptor. His work is far above anything anyone else has seen or done. The greatest work of His hands are those He calls, sons,” the ones who are made in His image and likeness.

The Father takes His time as He patiently molds and shapes His sons. He knows every intricate detail because they come out of Him and are for Him. For those who are being molded, the process often can be painful, but out of the pain comes something magnificent. This is none other than a host of sons who represent their Father well. Everything about our lives is about our Father. Outside of Him, our life is meaningless. He is the very essence of love, grace, mercy, and care. No one is like the Father!