Eternal Excellence

Whereas you have been forsaken and hated, So that no one went through you, I will make you an eternal excellence, A joy of many generations
— Isaiah 60:15-16 NKJV

The road less traveled by the sons of God can be lonesome. To love the Father and be intentional about our relationship with Him means abandoning what we thought we once knew. It’s a complete change of mindset! As He begins to renew us, we come to realize that our heart is a canvas and the Father is the painter. The portrait He has in mind is called His image and likeness, and as it takes shape we are presented with a view that is beyond our imagination. People who have no understanding—who are immature and possess no love for the Father—have no mental point of association or identification with the sons of God. Light confronts darkness; truth confronts error; love confronts hate; wisdom confronts folly; knowledge of the Father confronts misalignment of the mind, and so forth.

A rational approach can be beneficial, but it’s built upon a start and a finish. From that point of view we want to know everything that falls in between. It is different, however, with the sons of God. He has placed eternity into our hearts. In fact, He has placed eternity in the hearts of all people. But we who have been awakened to His love and relate closely to the Father understand that our disposition has changed. Although we currently live in this world, which centers on time—24 hours a day, 365 days a year—it is completely different in our hearts. In our hearts we function from a place of rest. We see into a completely different environment called “Spirit.” Our nourishment comes from the Holy Spirit. The “water” and “food” the Spirit gives us is called “Glory.” The natural mind cannot comprehend this. Like Jesus, our food and drink is to do the will of the Father. Within the will of the Father, we have access to the treasure room, where we find providence, unlimited resources, and anything else we need to carry out the Father’s will.

Our wayward world is filled with sin, perversion, and iniquity. Self-righteous people have already made the decision to condemn what they see. This creates a wedge that separates those who don’t know the Father from those who think they know the Father. Not every son of the Father functions within this mindset, because there is a remnant who are of a different spirit. They know that where sin abounds, grace abounds much more. This does not mean caving in to a view that permits people to sin more. In order to understand grace, we must understand that the Father is a God of order. He is the true Judge. To know grace, one must know first that God is the Judge who brings order, who aligns, who corrects, who instructs in all righteousness, who chastises, and who brings the sword. Yes, He is completely love. As He places His hand into our lives to shape us into His image and likeness, that process can be painful. But it is a good pain because the Father is bringing out of us His glory that is within us. We are the expressed joy of our Father in the earth. As we put Him on display in our lives, people everywhere will search Him out, and their lives will be changed.