Don't Compromise Your Value

Has a nation changed its gods, Which are not gods? But My people have changed their Glory For what does not profit.
— Jeremiah 2:11 NKJV

The Father takes pride in the work of His hands. After He made everything in the universe, He surveyed it all and declared it good. Not one ounce of anything He had made was off by even the tiniest degree. As glorious as all of God’s creation may be, there is one creative work of His hands that far outweighs all other created things in the natural: mankind. We humans are His most prized of all His creatures. The Father, who is “GLORY,” made us living beings who are capable of possessing the very same glory that He has. Taking from out of Himself, the Father intricately fashions and weaves one that He will call a “son,” with the purpose that out of that “son” will come many sons. Mankind is the crowning glory of the Father’s creation.

Being created as spirit, which is the image and likeness of the Father, we can be sustained in spirit only by having a relationship with our Father. Outside of this relationship, we will fall into our own vain imagination. The issue that cost Adam and Eve’s downfall in authority, power, purity, and morality is that they started to relate to another voice besides the Father’s. Succumbing to the enemy’s temptation and falling into sin was disastrous because it impacted the very seed that would come forth from out of them. The first step toward their sin was their decision to entertain a relationship and embrace a voice that was not the Father’s. This was indeed a deception!

As they listened, this deceptive voice that was not the Father’s voice began to chisel away at the very core of the values the Father had given them at creation. They were deceived into attempting by their own wisdom and power to become what they already were by God’s design—the very image and likeness of the Father. The Scriptures reveal how from this time on people went into tailspins trying to find the Father, even to the point of trying to re-create His appearance by fashioning idols of stone or metal that they could point to and say, “This is God.” The Father is Spirit, and therefore infinite; no finite matter such as stone or metal or any other natural element is sufficient for fashioning His likeness so that we could look at it and say, “This is the Father.”

By choosing to sin, man chose to make up his own views and beliefs and traded away the value of the Father’s glory for something far lower, something small and demeaning—“self.” The Father’s glory is of priceless worth; no money or riches can buy it; nothing in all of creation comes anywhere close to matching its value. Yet He planted His glory into our being, but we despise it, choosing on a daily basis walk by our own thoughts, views, and ideas. Before long, blindness sets in and we begin to call evil good, and good evil; we call light darkness, and darkness light. Our obsession with self lands us in the enemy’s camp, which is where we exchange our glory as bearers of the Father’s image for something far less. The consequences of this bad exchange is apparent in so many ways. There is no satisfaction, no reward, and no profit to take something into our lives that has no value.

We must be a people willing to confront the very essence of deception that misleads people and draws them away from the glory of the Father. There is only one ultimate source of life: our Father. Drawing close to Him is our sustenance! When we are connected closely to Him, we begin to radiate Him.