Defender Of People

Then saviors shall come to Mount Zion To judge the mountains of Esau, And the kingdom shall be the LORD’S.
— Obadiah 21 NKJV

A savior is someone who avenges, defends, protects, rescues, preserves, and delivers. The entire scope of the scriptures reveals an ultimate and Almighty Savior of mankind, who is none other than Jesus Christ. A savior, by definition, is someone who delivers people from circumstances they have gotten themselves into and cannot get themselves out of, and leads them into something that is greater than their present disposition. Beyond mere deliverance from a negative situation, a savior also shows those being delivered a more excellent way that they can see and walk in, and thus come to know the original blueprint of their lives. Christ not only saves people from sin but also brings them back into proximity with the Father so they can relate to Him face-to-face. In Christ, and through His work as Savior, a plethora of sons and daughters emerge to become saviors who will continue to be His voice and representatives to all of mankind until the entire universe is filled with His purpose; until all of mankind bow their hearts in acknowledgment of the Father.

No savior was needed in the garden of Eden after the Father created the first man, and son, Adam. Everything within the garden functioned according to the rule and the reign of the Father. Adam was not subject to any rules or regulations except for the simple command not to partake of the fruit of a certain tree. It was only after deception crept into his heart that he violated the Father’s command, diluting the Father’s rule and reign in his life. The very presence and consequences of Adam’s disobedience worsened from one generation to the next. While Adam disobeyed a simple command, his son Cain became mankind’s first murderer when he killed his brother, Abel. Successive generations have shown that there is nothing new under the sun, as mankind continues to display the depravity of his wayward heart, through some of the most egregious, atrocious, despicable and horrifying acts of sin imaginable. Wickedness, sin, and the works of the flesh are the natural and inevitable results of disobedience. The Father has never hidden anything from those He has made, so to come before Him is not a mammoth task. Because He highly values and desires relationship with us, He has clearly revealed the way we are to come to Him. He did not leave us a puzzle to solve. The truth is clear: when Jesus Christ, the Son of God, said on the cross, “It is finished,” He defeated every work of wickedness, sin, disobedience, and the works of the flesh.

Those resounding words of His in the midst of pain beyond description afforded mankind the more excellent (and only) way back to the Father. Christ completely overcame sin and disobedience, which means that all who follow Him are over-comers as well. No longer is mankind subject to the works of the enemy, because he was completely annihilated by Christ. In fact, the only power the enemy possesses today is the power that people give him. His food is disobedience; produce it, and he will be your dinner guest. Most of the world has yet to know the goodness of the Father by the one whom He sent, His only begotten Son, out of whom is emerging a myriad of sons. These sons are called, set apart, and live in complete obedience to the Father. While disobedience of one son caused decay and disintegration, the obedience of the last Son has brought complete redemption.

Indeed, Jesus Christ alone is the ultimate Savior; never again will there be another who will go onto a cross to do what Jesus has accomplished for the world. He didn’t stop there, however, but took of Himself and empowered those who love Him with His own power and authority so that they, too, would become saviors who avenge, protect, preserve, and deliver others from the confines of disobedience and lead them to the Father, not in order to get to heaven, but that they might have a face-to-face encounter with the King.