Being Influenced

The Lord replied: “Stop this foolishness and talk some sense! Only if you return to trusting me will I let you continue as my spokesman. You are to influence them, not let them influence you!”
— Jeremiah 15:19-20 TLB

Apprehending the Father will cost you something. To attain Him means that you will be misunderstood by those who have chosen to live by a worldly standard. There are also those who call themselves believers but live contrary to the life of the Holy Spirit. Becoming a mouthpiece for the Father is a glorious aspect of our journey as His children. He speaks to us individually; He shares things with us about His people, and about those who do not know Him; He makes us privy to many of His secrets. However, at times when we don’t see positive, favorable things taking place quickly, we too easily begin to question the Father and distrust His promises. Complaining (and quitting) is always easier than continuing to climb the sometimes arduous steps of progressive growth in the Father.

Being the Father’s mouthpiece means that we have to stay grounded based on exactly what we see and what we hear Him say. We need to be vigilant and boldly confront every element of doubt and distrust that creeps into our minds. A doubtful mindset seeks to keep us in a subpar position with regard to the Father. It challenges us at the very core of our being as the Father’s image and likeness. If we’re not careful, it can fling us into a downward mental spiral of thinking that the Father no longer cares or that our walk with Him is too difficult, so we are better off resigning ourselves to live comfortably according to an earthly, natural, temporal standard. The end result is an inner rebellion that diminishes our relationship with our Father.

Leadership today is defined as influence; one’s ability to effect change in direct or tangible ways. We are either influencers by the Holy Spirit who is in us or we are being influenced by the spirit that is in this world. There is no third option. The temptations around us result from a human mindset that lives on the natural plane: the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. It is decked out in beautiful allurements to mislead, if possible, even the elect. With a heavy leaning on “emotional attraction,” it plays on our emotional weaknesses. Before you know it, we become pods who have drifted away from the Father’s influence and become vulnerable to influence by the standards and principles of the world.

Being Father-led means focusing ourselves solely on Him. We should never allow our care for people to overshadow our relationship with Him. We should never allow ourselves to become upset about a need-based world when we don’t immediately see positive things taking place. We must walk this journey with incredible discernment, never flinching and never bending to the voices or cries of people. Rather, we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us and we base our responses on what He says. This is not robotic by any means, but we are committed to the architect and builder of this entire universe and the one who made us. On a daily basis, the glory of the Father in our lives must serve as an attractant to influence all those around us.