A People Not Forsaken

And they shall call them The Holy People, The Redeemed of the Lord; And you shall be called Sought Out, A City Not Forsaken.
— Isaiah 62:12 NKJV

A city is a place of activity, a central location visible to all who come by. I’m reminded of flying at night over dark and deserted places until passing over a city, which is instantly recognizable because it is all lit up. Most people gravitate toward cities because they are places of commerce and because they provide many and varied activities for them to do.

While we are easily enamored by the beauty, infrastructure, and dynamic human activity of cities, this is not the type of city that the Father is and has been presenting. The Father has never favored dead, incommunicative bricks and mortar. Rather, His eyes have always been on those whom He created in His own image and likeness; those who have received His breath of life and know that they have become “lively stones” (1 Pet. 2:5 KJV). Out of their hearts flow the abundance of life! These are the sons of the Father who possess Him. The city that the Father has been constructing is an “organic city”; a city filled with Him and therefore full of His glory. And His glory lights up a people to become the central location.

As people navigate in the natural toward cities, they make those places sought out. Those who are in the Father, who represent Him and express His image, are also the “sought out” ones, precisely because they express the Father’s image. So it is, in fact, the Father who is sought out. Why? Because people will never be at rest until they can know the Father. There is no technology or scientific breakthrough or any human achievement that will fulfill the heart’s desire of people the way the Father can. While all these things may be attractive, beneficial, and widely cheered as groundbreaking accomplishments, the deepest hunger of the human heart can only be satisfied in the Father.

Those who are sought out function from a place of forgiveness and deep love in the Father. Righteousness, joy, and peace are the three strong pillars — the unshakable infrastructure — that make up this city. In this city there is neither fear or failure! Everyone who comes in honest search of their identity find their purpose unfolded and gloriously realized. They walk away lit up by the Father and become conduits of His love and grace.

The identity of the city — its very life — is people! They are no longer abandoned or kept away. They have learned how to walk through areas in life that have inhibited their growth. Passing through these things, they leave immaturity behind. The power of a soulish lifestyle has no bearing on them. They are at the place of confluence, where they receive a direct revelation of the Spirit of the Father. This transformation is beyond what words can describe. They now have the Father, and in that having, every longing they had prior to understanding and walking with Him is now fulfilled.